The winners of the 4th art competition

1st prize




Zakład Karny Rawicz




Moving nut



Oil on canvas pulled on panel

48cm x 65cm

2nd prize


New Zealand


Rimutaka Prison Wellington




Living in the fish bowl



Mixed technique on drawing board

30cm x 43cm


3rd prize




Riga Central Prison




Self Portrait - My Worldview



Acrylic on canvas

32cm x 70cm



3rd prize



Prison: JVA Waldheim




Mixed technique on canvas

80cm x 60cm


4th prize



Prison No. 1 of the administration of the department of the Grodno region




Allegoria myslej v zamknutom prostranstve (Allegory of thoughts in a closed space)



Oil on canvas

71cm x 81cm


5th prize


United Kingdom

Prison: HMP Lewes




Chained melody



Mixed technique on drawing paper

60cm x 80cm

6th prize




State Correctional Institution Greene




Legal quagmire



Acrylic on canvas

41cm x 51cm


7th prize


Czech Republic


Vazební věznice Praha-Ruzyně


Title: Thin line


Ballpoint pen and graphite on drawing paper, 29.5 cm x 21 cm

8th prize



Prison: Ilguciems prison, Riga


Title: Four


Ballpoint pen on drawing board

35cm x 25cm




9th prize



Prison: Ilguciems prison, Riga


Title: Four


Ballpoint pen on drawing board

35cm x 25cm


10th prize




Jail: Ústav na výkon väzby, Bratislava



Two faces


Graphite and colored pencil on drawing board

80cm x 60cm 

For the 4th art competition of Art and Prison eV we received 371 entries from prisoners from 23 countries. Thank you very much! 

78 Poland

47 Brazil

39 Germany

28 Sweden

26 Latvia

18 Slovakia

15 United Kingdom

14 USA, Italy

12 New Zealand, Estonia and Czech Republic

10 Singapore

9 Spain

7 Austria

6 France

5 Belarus, Netherlands, Switzerland

3 Norway

2 Ireland

1 Bolivia, Iceland.

Inmates of other nationalities have also participated, such as a Samoan. a Syrian, a Moroccan and a Nicaraguan.

11 - 50

The Association Art and Prison

The association "Art and Prison" originated from an initiative by well-known artists, who supported an exhibition im Rome entitled "Art from Prison” in 2007. The association was officially registered in 2009 in Berlin, the city in which a wall had separated people for decades.

Prison walls also separate people but we are convinced that in this situation art can build a bridge of understanding.

The association desires to make clear that beyond and across national borders, art can make a valuable contribution to humanity and to greater respect for human dignity; a service to the victims of criminality and crime. 


Our objectives: 

  • Raise awareness of what life is like behind bars
  • Show that "quality art" can be created also, and sometimes especially, in prison
  • Motivate artists worldwide to contribute creatively and concretely through their artistic work to improve the humanitarian situation in prisons
  • Invite art lovers and sponsors worldwide to support this initiative
  • Hold international exhibitions and contests, support publications
  • Present paintings and sculptures of "free" and imprisoned artists
  • Support social projects
  • Be a forum for dialogue

The association is not aligned with any political party and is not bound to any specific denomination or ideology. The association's charitable, non-profit status is recognized by the German government and donations are therefore tax-deductible.


Art and Prison France was created in 2014 by Inga Khavkina-Lavolé and Bruno Lavolé.

The Art Contest 2014 - 2015

"Half a square meter of freedom" - this was the topic of the last art contest launched by Art and Prison. More than 200 people under arrest, from more than 20 countries, submitted their works. 

Winning works here